NHTSA Older Driver Program

The Challenge: Create a video training kit on medical conditions that affect older driver safety.

The population of older drivers (65 and older) is on the rise in the US. Many of these individuals experience physical, cognitive, and visual changes over time. These drivers, as well as those who care about and serve them, may not know how such changes can impair driving. And when they are aware, they may not be prepared to address the conditions themselves. It is essential that older drivers, their families and caregivers, providers, and other supporters recognize physical and cognitive changes as they occur. NHTSA tasked JVR to produce a training kit of video vignettes that depict some of the common medical issues that affect older drivers. The videos will be used for training various audiences, such as driver licensing staff, law enforcement, medical professionals, and older drivers and their families.

The JVR Solution: After reviewing background materials, JVR submitted a creative brief that outlined the goal and objectives of the video, target audience(s), key messages, key benefits, tone, and key product elements. We developed several scenarios that highlighted safety concerns of older drivers living with various medical conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, sleep apnea, diabetes, and vision disorders (glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration). JVR wrote the video scripts, tailoring parts of each script to emphasize the unique role each target audience (i.e., law enforcement officers, motor vehicle administration counter staff, and older drivers and their families) plays in keeping older drivers and the public safe on the road. We incorporated messaging that we knew would resonate with each target audience based on our qualitative research findings. And we developed compelling storylines to ensure clear, effective, persuasive messages.

The Outcome: JVR produced a video training kit depicting how certain diseases affect the behavior of older drivers, their ability to drive safely, signs of adverse effects, and how loved ones, law enforcement, caregivers, and other stakeholders should respond when they encounter an older driver who is unstable due to health challenges. The video training kit on medical conditions will be available nationwide online through the NHTSA public website.

Services Delivered: outreach,partnership development,qualitative marketing research,technical writing and editing,script writing,logistical arrangements,video production